The Cry talk power pop, touring, and getting arrested in graveyards

photo by Jenny Evans

photo by Jenny Evans

I met up with Brian Crace from The Cry when they were in Brooklyn September 5th for their show with Alan Merrill of The Arrows. The Cry are essentially Exploding Hearts worship, but they definitely have their own influence. They’re currently on a seven week tour supporting last year’s release “Dangerous Game.” At their show at the Grand Victory, they ended up covering “Walking Out On Love” by The Beat with Paul Collins, who they played a few dates with in the past.

What’s the most recent thing you’ve worked on?
We recorded a new song with the new lineup and that’s the only new thing we’ve done so far.

What’s the new lineup/how is it different?
We’re a five piece now. We have a new drummer and a new bass player. We added a keyboard player that does percussion and sings backgrounds and shit, and he plays guitar.

Are you working on new material soon?
Once this tour is over, we’re working on third record material, but I’m not sure how long it’s going to take.

Are you branching out from your old sound or are you staying the same?
Probably but a little different. With the first record and second record, they’re fairly different but they’re still power pop. This is a little glammier than the second record. I don’t know, that kind of shit just happens with us.

How long have you been on tour?
We’ve been on tour for almost five weeks now of a seven week tour.

What’s the best show you’ve played so far?
I think it’s a tie between yesterday [The Mercury Lounge with an after party at Manitoba’s] and the Viper Room in LA. Everything else has been up or down, hit or miss kind of shit.

What’s the best band you played with so far?
Probably Dinos Boys [in Atlanta] or Biters. We played with Biters when we were in Houston.

What’s the show your most excited about for this tour?
Probably the Biters show. We were trying to play with Wyldlife here. It just didn’t work out but I was stoked to play with them. Also pretty excited about playing with Alan Merrill.

What’s your favorite older powerpop band and your favorite newer power pop band?
Favorite new power pop band is probably the Barreracudas out of Atlanta. They just put out their second record. [As far as older] it’s always changing. I’ve been listening to a lot of Protex lately.

What bands have influenced your sound the most?
Exploding Hearts gave us our main influence when we first started out. We listened to that first record a lot. I’d heard it before and never liked it and then my singer showed it to me again, like a year after and it like hit me, like full force. Like shit dude. We get a lot of shit at home, everyone just calls us Exploding Hearts ripoffs. We played with Louie Bankston, who was in the band. He came up and sang Thorns In Roses with us once or twice which was cool So Exploding Hearts and The Booze out of Atlanta. Barreracudas and Biters. We really dig the Atlanta scene, what’s going on there.

Do any other Portland bands influence your music?
We’re fans of The Riffs and The Wipers. My singer loves old Portland punk. He grew up in the street punk scene there and just kind of gravitated toward power pop because he got a little bit older.

Wildest story from tour?
This tour, a couple of my band mates were banging a chick in the bathroom at the same time. Also my drummer got arrested. He was hanging out with some people, they wanted to show up in some graveyard in the middle of the night. So they were chilling for maybe ten minutes and the cops showed up, and someone yelled “run” so he dipped out. He got away, and he hid on someone’s front porch. He thought he was hidden but the people who lived at the house were home so they called the cops on him when they found him. He spent like eighteen hours in jail and we had a show the next day, and he didn’t get out until maybe an hour before we went on. That was in Atlanta.

Check out their Facebook for tour dates.


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