Terry Six: Not Just a Nice Boy

Terry & Louie is the newest project of Terry Six (Exploding Hearts, The Riffs, The Nice Boys) and King Louie Bankston (literally half your favorite bands, probably). Their two singles were released on Tuff Break Records, run by Six, and the label recently had a series of shows in New York City. Tuff Weekend included bands like Daddy Long Legs, Paul Collins Beat, The Jeanies, and of course, Terry & Louie. 

Was Tuff Weekend a success for you? What were the best bands you saw?
I think Tuff Weekend was a success. All the bands showed up, right? So that’s a start. I made sure to check in with most all bands that played and they all seemed to be pretty happy, as well as everyone that came out. Paul Collins is always a fave!

What are your plans with Terry & Louie? Are you releasing an LP any time soon?
Yes. We are now writing a full length LP as we speak. We are more than halfway finished and just working on finding the missing puzzle pieces. We should be recording by this coming summer and hopefully released by fall/winter 2016/2017.

How did you and Louie get back together? Why did you decide to start a band with him?
Before The Exploding Hearts tragedy, Louie, Adam, and myself were penning the follow up album to Guitar Romantic. Louie had already moved back to New Orleans by this time so we were calling in our writing sessions over the phone. I had written and composed the composition for “(I’m) Looking For A Heart” and wanted Louie’s help with lyrics. Then shortly after, the accident happened and we never got around to finishing it. That song stayed dormant in my mind for over ten years until I just picked up the phone, called Louie, and told him we need to finish this song. He flew out to Oakland, and we recorded the two singles. We realized then that we had a lot of unfinished business.

How have the other bands you guys have been in influenced Terry & Louie’s sound?
I don’t know if we are exactly influenced by any of our past bands, or any other bands for that matter, but Louie and I just do what we do. If we want to write a traditional powerpop song, we will. Same goes if we wanna do a glam/swamp number, Motown influence, punk or really anything, we will do it.

What bands are in your rotation right now?
Daddy Long Legs, Apache, Dancer, Jeanies, Dirty Fences, Long Knife, and Warm Soda are all in my current play rotation and always get tons of spin on my DJ nights.

Has moving to Oakland influenced your style at all?
I think just moving here has influenced me to write period. The last year I spent living in Portland I don’t think I touched my guitar at all. Don’t even think I looked at it.

Is Tuff Break working on expanding or is it more of a platform to release Terry & Louie?
Tuff Break has been and always will be a platform and home for The Exploding Hearts. That’s why it was started in the first place. Terry & Louie… Tuff Weekend… All things that came out of this project that I never thought would be possible. Now though, I am starting to look into working with other bands and expand. So hopefully soon enough I’ll get [some] new blood going.

How much did Louie contribute to the Exploding Hearts? Was it more of a mentorship or did he write music, etc?
Louie was very much both. He was ten years older than us, so he had passed on his knowledge regarding vocal arrangements, live performance, and songwriting structure. He was like a whirlwind in those days. He’d drop by me and Adam’s house, blow us away with these songs like “I’m A Pretender,” “Throwaway Style,” and “Sleeping Aides and Razorblades.” And then split and do his thing. Guitar Romantic wouldn’t do any justice if Louie wasn’t a part of it.

Are you working on any of your own projects?
Not really. Just focusing on expanding my studio and doing Terry & Louie when we can.