2016 Scrutinized




The Cowboys – Self Titled (January 2016, Bloomington,
Lumpy Records)
Dark Thoughts – Self Titled (April 2016, Philly, Stupid
Bag Records)
Mean Jeans – Tight New Dimension (April 2016, Portland,
Fat Wreck)
Lumpy And The Dumpers – Huff My Sack (May 2016, St.
Louis, Lumpy Records)
Cinderblock – Self Titled (July 2016, Boston, Brain
Solvent Propaganda)
Crown Court – Capital Offence (August 2016, UK, Katorga
Pure Disgust – Self Titled (August 2016, DC, Katorga
Cheena – Spend The Night With… (August 2016, NYC,
Sacred Bones)
Vanity – Don’t Be Shy (August 2016, NYC, Katorga Works)
Totally Slow – Bleed Out (September 2016, Greensboro, Self Aware)
Omegas – Power To Exist (November 2016, Montreal, Beach
Impediment Records)



Strutter – Self Titled (February 2016, Austin, Beach
Impediment Records)
Holders Scar – World Fever (April 2016, Greensboro,
self released)
Blackball  – Self Titled (April 2016, Raleigh, Sorry State Records)
Rixe – Les Nerfs A Vif (April 2016, France, La Vida Es
Un Mus)
JJ Doll – Self Titled (June 2016, NYC, Katorga Works)
Beta Boys – Real Rockers (March 2016, Kansas City,
Lumpy Records)
Warthog – Self Titled (August 2016, NYC, Beach
Impediment Records)
Drugcharge – Self Titled (August 2016, Raleigh, Sorry State Records)
Haram – What Do You See (September 2016, NYC, Toxic
Color TV – Self Titled (September 2016, St Paul,
Deranged Records)



Green Beret – Standing at the Mouth of Hell (March
2016, Boston, Side Two)
Blood Pressure – Need To Control (April 2016, PGH,
Beach Impediment Records)
Liquids – Hot Liqs (May 2016, NWI, Drunken Sailor)
Bad Eric – 6 Songs (May 2016, Greensboro, self
Fried Egg – Delirium (July 2016, Richmond, Negative
Mommy – Songs About Children (September 2016, NYC,
Toxic State)
Nancy – With Child (September 2016, NYC, Eat The Life)
Sonic Avenues – Disconnector (October 2016, Montreal,
SLIP – Slippery When Wet (November 2016, PGH, Sorry


Photo of me screaming at the Zero Boys set by Angela Owens


Damaged City Fest (April 2016)
Highlight: Having Kenny Scumstack tell me he’s going to “get the band back together” RE: Unholy Thoughts. Best bands would be Zero Boys, Torso, SHIT, and Dame.

The Ergs @ The Chris Gethard Show (May 2016)
Highlight: It’s the fucking Ergs.

Punk Rock Bowling @ Stone Pony (June 2016)
Highlight: facetiming my dad during Flag, dislocating my rib during Cock Sparrer.

Cro Mags/Breakdown/Token Entry/Antidote/Maximum Penalty
@ Tompkins Square Park (July 2016)
Highlight: Literally dying of heat stroke during Cro Mags.

Municipal Waste/Career Suicide/Double Negative/Caustic
Christ/Blood Pressure @ some brewery in Richmond
(August 2016)
Highlight: Seeing Double fucking Negative!

Go Go’s @ Stone Pony (August 2016)
Highlight: Jane Wiedlin being a perfect angel.

Evan Dando @ City Winery (August 2016)
Highlight: Nothing about the show. It was a trainwreck. But afterwards, he chased my friends and I down the street yelling “you’re not getting away from me with that Eater backpatch!”

Bruce Springsteen @ The Meadowlands (August 2016)
Highlight: Convincing the ladies beside Anna and I that I was going to propose to them, crying to “4th Of July Asbury Park (Sandy)”

Diat/Warthog/JJ Doll/Vacant Life @ 538 (September 2016)
Highlight: Swimming in my own sweat during Diat, puking off the roof.

Buzzcocks @ Irving Plaza (October 2016)
Highlight: telling my mom I’m going to get up front, look behind me halfway through “Harmony in my Head” and seeing her yowling.

Green Day @ Webster Hall (October 2016)
Highlight: the setlist which included “Armatage Shanks” and “409 in your Coffeemaker.”

Vanilla Poppers/Kaleidescope/Yam Bag/Porvenir Obscuro @ Matchless (December 2016)
Highlight: Vanilla Poppers’ frontwoman writhing on the floor.





  1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, The Skeleton Tree – the saddest album of 2016, this album is dripping with mourning and is the only album on my list I haven’t been spinning regularly because it’s just so heavy. It feels like one long song, but in this case that isn’t a complaint.
  2. Pure Disgust, s/t- the best hardcore record of 2016 and even NPR and Rolling Stone agree, these dudes deserve all of the praise they receive.
  3. Sonic  Avenues, Disconnecter – I love when a band does a new or different thing (going down a different SONIC AVENUE here, eh, eh) and it works so well in this case. Put a little post punk in your garage rock with these kids from Montreal
  4. Dyke Drama, Up Against the Bricks – Sadie from GLOSS has a Replacements-core band?? Sign me the fuck up. In all seriousness, these songs are heart wrenching and important and fun as hell to sing along to as well.
  5. Mean Jeans, Tight New Dimension – more jams from one of the best live bands out there right now. Keeping up with their repertoire of fun drinking songs, this band is rock n roll personified right now and always makes music that gets you stoked.
  6. Somnia, How the Moon Shines on the Shit – heartfelt songs from members of RVIVR, Latterman, and the Max Levine Ensemble. Doing pop punk right, writing songs about sleep and dreams that instantly worked themselves into regular rotation for me.
  7. Super Unison, Auto – anyone who went into listening to this expecting Punch part two was sorely mistaken; Auto draws from post punk and its anger is as present as it is mature and incisive. Do not sleep on this band.
  8. Tenement, Bruised Music Volume 2 – it’s dad rock without being boring, fun without being silly, and unique without trying too hard. Not a huge leap from their other releases but nuanced enough to stand on its own.
  9. Big Eyes, Stake My Claim – the guitar work on this album makes my heart sing. Bands like mean jeans are super fun in their brand of garage rock, and that definitely has its place but so does Big Eyes’ take, which leans more dark and serious without losing it’s catchiness.
  10. Mommy, Songs About Children – make hardcore weird again

HONORABLE MENTION : Diat, Positive Energy – this was released in 2015 but i didn’t hear it until 2016 (because timezones or exchange rates or…something) and it’s honestly my album of the year without a doubt



  1. GLOSS, Trans Day of Revenge – like any good hardcore band, they release a small amount of music and disappear forever. We’ll miss you, GLOSS.
  2. Sheer Mag, III – DIY Thin Lizzy; Sheer Mag is as fun as they are important. Aggressive and riff heavy, songs to make you want to dance and organize.
  3. Carly Rae Jepsen, Emotion B-Sides – emotion was a fantastic album, and the B-sides manage to still blow it out of the water. It’s 80’s inspired synth pop at it’s finest, danceable and sincere without being reductive.
  4. Night Witch, Tour Tape 2016 – it can be so devastating and emotionally exhausting to exist as a femme or a woman or a survivor in this world, and any bit of respite we would hope to obtain from joining a subculture like punk or hardcore can be spit back in our faces as more and more people are outed as abusers. Night Witch lets it be knows that they are here for the outcasts of the outcasts, and the songs are tight as fuck on top of that.
  5. HIRS, You Can’t Kill Us/Trans Day of Revenge – this band can do no wrong to me. Aggressive and aggressively gay, the powerviolence (I don’t even like ascribing the band a genre at all, though) collective is out there making some of the most authentic and important music (and a ton of it too) out right now. Pay attention.


  1. The Ergs @ Hi Dive, Gainesville (Fest 15)
  2. Iron Chic @ Loosey’s, Gainesville (Fest 15)
  3. Night Witch @ ABC No Rio in Exile, Brooklyn
  4. Bruce Springsteen @ Meadowlands , New Jersey
  5. The Sonics @ Warsaw, Brooklyn

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